Guest Speaker

Rick Hughes will be the guest speaker at Berachah Church on 18, 19, and 22 May 2022. Classes will be held at the usual times.

The Bible classes taught by Rick Hughes at Berachah Church will not be uploaded for streaming. To request his classes on DVD or MP3 CD, you may email him at rick@rickhughesministries.org or call 800-831-0718.

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Lesson Streaming

Lessons 392 and 393 of the series Practical Divine Wisdom (taught Sunday 5/15/22) are now available to stream.

Bible Classes will continue to be uploaded to the streaming site. Sunday classes will be uploaded that afternoon, while Wednesday and Thursday classes will be uploaded the following morning.

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The Witnesses

The Berachah Church Bible Character Theater play, The Witnesses, is available for online viewing. You may also order this production from Berachah Church on DVD.

Additionally, all past productions available for order are now also available for online viewing.

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