Order Tutorial


We hope you enjoy using our updated website. There are new ways to place an order online that we hope will make your experience easier and more intuitive. Below is a step-by-step look at the process.

Note: Images and instructions are specific to desktop view. Since smartphones and tablets adjust the view to accommodate smaller screens, the display and procedures on a mobile device might be different from what is presented here.

Using the Catalog


The Catalog page is now an interactive table. You can add individual MP3 discs and DVDs to your order directly from this page. Each row contains information about a disc: the series name, disc number, lesson number(s), and date(s). The last column of this table allows you to add the disc to your order by simply clicking the “Add to Order” button.

A screenshot of the catalog page.

MP3 or DVD

A view of the MP3/DVD tabs

At the top of the catalog page are two tabs: MP3 and DVD. Be sure to select the tab of the disc type that you would like to order.

Viewing a Series

Beneath the MP3 and DVD tabs, you will see buttons that allow you to filter the table. To display only the discs that belong to a particular series, click on the title of that series. Click the rounded refresh button on the left to remove the current filter and return to the full listing.

A view of the series buttons

If you are viewing the website from a mobile device, you will instead see a dropdown select menu, with options for each series listed. Choose which series you would like to view from here.

Series Select

Adding a Disc to Your Order

When you have found the disc you would like to order, click the “Add to Order” button in the last column of the table. This will create a new open order, and add a floating Order Box button on the lower left side of your screen. For more information on how to use the Order Box, skip to this section.

Using the Standard Subject Index


A screenshot of the Standard Subject Index

The Standard Subject Index is also an interactive table. With significantly more detail than the basic Catalog, this tool can be used to search for doctrinal topics of interest and view short summaries of each lesson. The Subject Index also includes searchable dates, scriptural references, and lesson numbers. When you have found the topic or lesson you are searching for, you can add the MP3 disc or DVD containing that lesson to your order with a single click.

Searching the Index

Use the search box to input any doctrinal word or term; this will return a list of lessons containing that descriptor. Note that the search tool is not case sensitive, nor are search results limited to whole word matches.
If you wish to enter multiple terms at once, separate each descriptor with a space (e.g., "abide salvation"). The search box will return only the results that contain all of the terms you have entered.

The search box of the Standard Subject Index

Additionally, you may search for a specific lesson date or Scripture. Dates are formatted MM/DD/YY, and books of the Bible are typically abbreviated (e.g., John becomes "Jn.", Romans becomes "Rom.", etc.).

Arranging the Table

Standard Subject Index headers

The Subject Index defaults to an alphabetical listing by subject, but at any time you may sort and rearrange the table rows for easier viewing. Click the title at the head of a column to sort the rows based on the values for that title. For example, clicking “Date” will arrange the rows in chronological order. Click the same title multiple times to toggle between ascending and descending order.

Adding a Disc to Your Order

The last two columns of the table contain buttons to add MP3 discs and DVDs to your order. The number inside the button identifies the disc number of that item within its series (it is not a reference to the number of lessons).
MP3 discs are pre-made with 40 to 50 lessons of a particular series, so when you select a single lesson from the Subject Index, this lesson will come on a disc with others covering additional topics. It is a good idea at this time to make a note of the specific lesson number. DVDs contain 4 or fewer lessons, offering a narrower focus on the topic for which you have searched.

SSI MP3 and DVD Order Buttons

Viewing Selected Discs and Completing Your Order

Order Box Button

The Floating Order Box Button

When you add a disc to your order from either the Catalog or Standard Subject Index pages, a button is created on the lower left side of your screen. This button will remain there while you continue to browse the website.
Clicking on the Order Box button will pull up a drawer containing all of the MP3 discs and/or DVDs you have selected thus far.

Selected Discs Drawer

From within the Selected Discs drawer, you will be able to view more information about the discs you have selected. Each disc item will be represented by a card. The heading of this card is the name of the series, with a lower line containing the following information: the disc type, the series number, the disc number, and the lessons contained on the disc.
If you have added an order from the Standard Subject Index page, the main heading of the card will instead be the subject of that row in the table. The sub-heading will indicate the series title of the disc. All other information is the same.
To remove a disc selected in error, hover your cursor over the item to reveal an "x" icon on the right-hand side (if you are on a mobile device, tap anywhere on the item to reveal this icon). Click the "x" to remove that disc from your order. Note: there is no way to undo this action.

Selected Discs Drawer

Completing Your Order

When you are ready to complete your order, click the "Continue to Order" button in the lower right-hand corner of the Selected Discs drawer. This will redirect you to the Order page and populate it with all the discs you have selected. From there, follow the prompts to input your delivery information.