A Prayer for Our Nation

Note: the following is a prayer taken from lesson 925 in the Life of Christ series, originally taught on 9 November 2021.

This prayer is also available for PDF download here.

Heavenly Father, our great God in Heaven and on Earth, we recognize that prayer is a power beyond what any human being can comprehend. No power on earth can equal it, and we have witnessed that power in the petitions of so many for a new direction in the history of our nation, prayer for the return of divine establishment values that have produced the blessings of freedom and the extent of which is unequaled in the history of the world.

We recognize, Father, that You have a plan for every believer in Jesus Christ and, first and foremost, that plan is to grow spiritually so as to ensure the continued existence of this client nation, the United States of America; that because of the faithfulness of mature believers, You might honor and preserve this nation. This is my request, Father, that we as believers follow this simple outline to personal and national blessing.

So, Father, thank You for this great nation, for the insight You gave to the founding fathers by which to govern this nation, for the divisions of power so that our destiny does not reside in the hands of one person, a tyrant.

Therefore, Father, I pray for those in authority who will lead us, not dictate to us. I lift up our Congress, Father, the House of Representatives and the Senate, that they would make laws that are just and conform to the principles of freedom and divine establishment. Give them wisdom to make decisions that would strengthen and prosper our nation, not for the good of mere ideologies or parties or individuals but the nation.

And, Father, I humbly request what should be a prayer on the lips of every believer in the years to come, that You guide the new president, the leader of our nation, in the way You would have him go, that You would surround our president with wise counsel, men and women of integrity who place the good of the nation above the self-centered, arrogant motives of the past, that Your agenda, not politics or personal power, be the driving force behind his decisions, that You might work through him for the good of this nation. Give him discernment, understanding, knowledge, wisdom that this nation may know stability at home and strength abroad.

I pray, Father, that You would direct him in times of crisis, to help him respond thoughtfully, decisively, and effectively to each situation with moral courage. May divinely sanctioned decisions be brought to his mind at those moments so that he might do what is right in Your eyes and not the ways of expedience. May he follow Your will to lead this nation in the paths of righteousness and truth.

And, Father, I pray that You might encourage and strengthen our nation as one nation under God. Surround us with Your hedge of protection in the devil’s world. Guide us, as believers in a client nation, to ways that are pleasing in Your sight, a sweet savor of doctrine and grace, that we might be instrumental in the preservation of freedom and justice in our nation.

But may we never forget, Father, the dangers of putting our trust in man, even in men of great power with good intentions. May we continue to direct our minds and thoughts toward You and toward Your Word. May we not be caught up and led astray in human actions that do not conform to Your will.

And I pray, Father, that You would raise up strong voices in our nation that would encourage and rally believers to follow the course laid out for us in Your Word, voices in pulpits across America that will speak the truth of the Word of God and doctrine and that we, as believers, might carry the guidon of Your standards into the battles ahead that will be fought in the angelic conflict.

Father, we have a spiritual heritage that is the backbone of this nation. May we be true to that heritage. America began as a God-loving, God- fearing, God-centered nation. As believers, Father, let us remember and continue that mode in the years to come. It is our national salvation, just as You are our Salvation.

We ask this in the Name of our Lord and Savior, who is Jesus Christ. Amen.

Robert B. Thieme III