Concerning Cancellation of Church due to the Coronavirus

It is with great regret that I must announce a cancellation of Bible class and Church Services at Berachah Church for the next few weeks beginning 18 March 2020. Of course, the reason is the Coronavirus outbreak. We will continue to monitor the situation on a weekly basis. Any change in this fluid condition will be posted on the web site, or information may be obtained by calling the church office.

First let me clearly state that this decision has not been reached out of fear or panic at the pandemic situation. We know that the Lord takes care of all the danger and adversity that comes to us in life. I am also fully aware of the importance of teaching doctrine, especially in crisis. However, I must be prudent, and take responsibility for the protection of those most vulnerable: infants in the nursery, children in prep school, as well as the aged.

The mayor of Houston has mandated that groups over fifty not meet. The President has requested no meetings of groups larger than ten. That certainly includes Berachah Church. I believe we should comply with those who hold authority over us. There are also legal matters to consider.

Let me remind you that Bible doctrine is always available to you. Both Berachah Church and R. B. Thieme, Jr., Bible Ministries have thousands of hours of doctrinal lessons available for study at home. Orders may be placed online or by telephone for delivery in a few days. I highly recommend the Ministries’ new MP3 CD entitled “Biblical Heroes;” a fantastic compilation of lessons on this subject by R. B. Thieme, Jr.

In His matchless grace,
Robert B. Thieme III
Berachah Church