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Account and Privacy Information

Berachah Church Accounts

Accounts made on our website do not use passwords. Instead, we send a login link to your email. When you first Sign Up, or create your account, you will be prompted to enter your email address. A link will then be sent to your inbox. Click this link to log in, finish setting up your account, and place orders. To log in again, simply click the person icon in the top right corner of the website (or on the bottom navigation bar, on mobile) and you will be emailed a new login link. Clicking this emailed link will log you back into your account.

Passwordless login reduces the risk of your data becoming compromised, and also saves you the trouble of remembering yet another password.

Privacy Information

To create a Berachah Church account, you need only provide us with your email address. You are given the option to save your shipping address and phone number, which will make future ordering more convenient.

Berachah Church will never share or sell to a third party any of the information you provide, and will make every attempt to keep your data secure and protected against unauthorized access. You may contact us at any time to remove your account—when requested, we will delete all saved information as well as your past order history.